Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get to have the inflatable for?
Typically between one and a half and two and a half hours, not including set up and take down time. Longer sessions may be possible, at additional cost, depending on how booked we are, your location and time of day of your event. Please ask at time of booking if this is a requirement for you as booking periods cannot usually be extended once the booking is confirmed.

When will my Inflatable arrive?
We will normally deliver your inflatable approximately half an hour before the start of your event to give us time to set it up and run through the safety procedures with you. We will collect it again as soon as possible after your event ends, depending on the time of your event and how booked we are. If you have booked a hall for your party we can accommodate special delivery times providing these are confirmed at time of booking.

Can we hire the castle overnight or in the evening?
No, we do not hire out inflatables for evening or overnight periods. Sorry, no exceptions.

What happens if it rains on the hire day?
Some of our castles are available with rain hoods or covers, which will allow the unit to be used in light shower conditions. The Bouncy castle is not to be used if it gets too wet as it can be very dangerous. If it is very wet on your hire day you may cancel if you wish, subject to a nominal administration charge. We may also cancel a booking if we feel conditions are inappropriate.

Do you need anything from us?
Yes, please make sure we have plenty of access room, we need at least 3 foot wide hall or passageway to move the bouncy castle into your venue (hall, garden, etc.). Please ensure that the site for the bouncy castle is clear, It must be clear of sharp objects such as rocks, any debris, large stones, glass and animal mess. If we feel that the site is unsuitable we will not leave the bouncy castle. We need access to a power point within at least 50m of the bouncy castle.

How much room does the bouncy castle require?
This depends on the size of the inflatable you have hired, but as a rule they require at least 5 foot behind the castle and 3 foot either side of the castle, and at least 6 foot at the front. The 12 foot x 12 foot average castle is 9 foot high - it can go in a hall or room with a low ceiling providing it is no where near a hot light fitting or other obstruction.

Do you deliver?
Yes, we do deliver, free within a 5 mile radius of Congleton, outside this area there may be a small additional delivery/collection charge.

Do you have insurance?
We currently do NOT have public liability insurance. As the hirer you are responsible for ensuring adult supervision of the inflatable at all times.

Can we collect/return the bouncy castle?
No, our company policy does not allow for you to collect and install or return any of our inflatables.

Are your castles clean?
Yes, we maintain our castles to a very high standard, they are cleaned after every hire. If you happen to make a mess on the equipment please just wipe it up. Please let us know if this happens.

Do you provide instructions?
We provide safety operating instructions for all our inflatables, which must be read and signed off by the hirer or a suitable responsible adult.

Can you supervise the inflatable?
Yes, we can provide supervision of the bouncy castle or inflatable, we charge per hour per person for supervision.

What do we get?
You get the inflatable you requested, a groundsheet for the bouncy castle to sit on, some means of holding the unit down (either pegs or sandbags), crash mats (if indoors), the blower, extension lead, ballpit balls (if applicable) and a circuit breaker safety plug.

How much does it cost to run a bouncy castle?
On average it costs about a £1 in electricity to run a bouncy castle for a day.

What type of surface do I need?
Grass on a level surface is the safest, if outdoors.

Why donít you go through houses?
Inflatables when packed away are often bigger than expected, and so to move them we use wheeled sack barrows. These can leave marks on carpet or other flooring. Also, if it should rain, water will get inside the inflatable and this tends to drain out while the unit is being moved.

Can you get up a flight of steps?
No. Because of the size and weight of the inflatables we cannot cope with a flight of steps, but one or two steps are usually OK.

How does the castle stay up?
We use electric blowers, which stay on all the time the inflatable is in use, and we can provide up to 40 meters of extension lead.